Vic MTBO Series Courses and Classes
Course Mens Classes Womens Classes Open Class Group Class Approx Dist
1 M21- Open 1 1 Group 28-32 km
2 M-20, M40-, M50- W21- Open 2 2 Group 20-26 km
3 M-16, M60- W-20, W40-, W50- Open 3 3 Group 15-18 km
4 M-14, M70- W-16, W60-, W70- Open 4 4 Group 9-12 km
5 M-12, M80+ W-14, W-12, W80+ Open 5 5 Group 8-10 km
Age as at 31 December this year
You can choose to ride the course for your age class, or if you would rather ride a different length course, choose the open class in that course. Series points are awarded to classes depending on your placing in the course you ride.

If you would prefer to ride with someone else, you can enter as a group.