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Welcome to the Wednesday Eastern Series - Park and Street orienteering in Melbourne's east all year round.

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Camelot Rise

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Congratulations to Newbury Navigators, who notched up their 750th event - a remarkable achievement by the guys!  It won't be too long before they come Legends - can't wait.

Every time we start on Weeden Drive I vow "I am NOT going up the hill. I dont care how many points there are!"  I stuck to my vow this time, at least at the start.  OK I confess, I couldnt resist getting no 20 right at the end, and the downhill finish was worth the climb!  Lauris set quite a long course, with only 8 runners managing to get all 20.  For us tortoises, it paid to pick out the high ones and not take too much notice of anything else.  You had to think hard about deviating for anything less than 4 or 5 points.

On A course, Bryan was first back with 70 points, followed by Tim, Ian, Steven and Colin.  Bruce had his first win on B with 57 points, ahead of Nick, Tim, Ian and Peter D. Len also scored 57 points on PW, ahead of Dave, The Girls, Geoff and Michael.

We're getting down to the pointy end, after 11 weeks, and overall results are starting to take shape as more and more competitors drop their low scores.  You need to have done at least 4 events by now to figure in the final standings.  A1 sees a narrow lead of 2 points for Ian over Paul, with Tim breathing down their necks and Bryan in contention.  Andrew is leading A2 from Rick and Hugh, with Vic a mere 2 points out of the top three; Phil has the best average but is a couple of events behind the pack. Arthur is in a comfortable position on A3, ahead of Roger and Ken; Lauris and Ray look the most likely to move into contention as they complete 8 events.  Dale has things under control on A4, where she leads Margi, Richard and Nicole who are all only a handful of points apart.

On B1, Ian is one point away from a perfect score. Nick is fending off a challenge from Bruce, and don't discount Tim and Jay.  Peter M is on top of B2, Reg is second, and Greg is one point ahead of Pete for third. Graham and Jenny could cause upsets if they notch up 8 events.  B3 looks like a 2 way contest between me and Peter K.  

Dave is another who only needs one more win to have the magic 800 points for the series, on PW1. Len is second and Robert third, with Ros and Mark right up there.  Kay has a solid lead on PW2 with Barry and Bernie in the top three, but Helen is a real danger with a high average.  PW3 is led by Ian S, well clear of Noel and Pat, and those three don't look like giving up their positions.  Mike leads PW4, ahead of Henk and Di who are tied - they'll have to work that out between them! Suzanne could see herself with a top three placing after 2 more events.

See you next Wednesday at Greythorn.

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Eastern Series Information

About this series:

Where: Eastern suburbs of Melbourne

When: 7:00pm Wednesdays; all year round

Cost:  $5 per event for adults, $2 for juniors (under 21)

What to bring: jogging/walking shoes and comfortable, light coloured clothing.  Bring a watch, a drink, and a torch for winter events (late March-mid October).

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early. This will provide time to help you register for the event and explain how to take part.

Groups (schools, scouts, sports or social) are extremely welcome, but please contact us at least a week prior to the event so we can ensure enough maps are printed.

In winter, there are 2 courses for runners.  These are Score format, where you visit as many controls as you can in the allocated time, with the aim of earning as many points as possible.  Times are 60 mins or 45 mins.  There is also a 60 min Score course for Power Walkers.

In summer, there are 5 runners courses ranging from 2.5-10 km, and a 60 minute power walkers' course.  For runners the format is Scatter (visit a designated number of controls in any order, first back wins), and for power walkers the format is Score format (visit as many controls as you can in the allocated time).

Enquiries: Ian Dodd, tel 0419 316 843, or email

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