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Latest news about The Millennium Club and the MEFTY Award.

Denise Pike is a LEGEND and Tim Hatley completes 500

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Denise Pike completed her 1000th Street-O event on the Deakin Uni map in Bennettswood last Wednesday 8th February, 2017 to become the latest LEGEND MEMBER of The Millennium Club.

Tim Hatley became the newest member of The Millennium Club when he completed his 500th Street-O event  on the Birralee map in Doncaster the previous week.

Congratulations to both Denise and Tim on achieving these significant participation milestones in Melbourne Park and Street Orienteering.

Recent News
Peter Dalwood, Katherine Dent achieve Milestones and Stuart McWilliam creates a MEFTY record Monday, 23 October 2017 Peter Dalwood is the latest LEGEND, Katherine Dent upgrades to Companion Member and Stuart McWilliam sets a new participation record.
Mike Hubbert is the first to reach 2000 StreetO events Thursday, 12 October 2017 Mike Hubbert is the first Legend Member to be achieve Vintage Status when he completed 2000 StreetO events last Wednesday 11th October
Peter Mallen is the latest Companion Member of TMC Monday, 25 September 2017 Peter Mallen completes 750 StreetO events.
David Prentice joins The Millennium Club Friday, 15 September 2017 David Prentice competes his 500th Street-O event
Graham Wallis upgrades to Companion Member Monday, 11 September 2017 Graham Wallis completes his 750th Street-O event at Gardiner's Creek.


Legends of Park & Street Orienteering

In 2009 the Park and Street Orienteering Committee sanctioned the formation of THE MILLENNIUM CLUB to acknowledge and honor the long serving participants in Park and Street orienteering in metropolitan Melbourne. In 2013 the Urban Orienteering Committee extended the eligible events to include the Geelong and Macedon Ranges Series and the Sprint into Spring Series.


Legend Member: Participates in 1000 Street-O events since the start of this millennium (1st January, 2000) and will be regarded as a full member of The Millennium Club. Legend members will be presented with a special TMC cloth badge(1000), a special TMC(Legend) key-ring and a Certificate of Recognition. Legend members will be identified with a number which represents the chronological order in which they have qualified for The Millennium Club.


Companion Member: Participates in 750 Street-O events since the start of this millennium (1st January, 2000) and will be regarded as a provisional member of The Millennium Club. Companion members will be acknowledged with a special TMC cloth badge(750).



Associate member: Participates in 500 Street-O events since the start of this millennium (1st January, 2000) and will be regarded as a provisional member of The Millennium Club. Associate members will be acknowledged with a special TMC cloth badge(500).



Participation in all Melbourne, Geelong and Macedon Ranges Street-O events since the 1st January 2000 and the Sprint into Spring Series are recorded on The Millennium Club Attendance Database which is updated monthly. The database is displayed on the OV website for all Street-O participants whose attendance exceeds 100 events.

As at 1st April 2017, 42 orienteers had reached the Legend milestone, another 25 orienteers had reached the Companion milestone and an additional 45 orienteers had reached the Associate milestone.  (Total membership of 112.)

Note: (i)  Eligible events are those fixtured in OV’s Park and Street Orienteering Program (excluding Sunday Special and bush events). The Geelong and Macedon Ranges series were added to the eligible list in June 2013 and the TMC database have been updated to include all past Geelong and Macedon Ranges Series. The Sprint into Spring Series(Melbourne events) was also added to the list of eligible events in 2014.

           (ii)  Individuals who DNF will be recorded as having participated. (Must visit at least one control).

           (iii) Group entries will only be recorded where special circumstances exist.

           (iv) Individuals within groups will not be recorded.

           (v)  Course setters will be recorded as participating when identified in results.


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The MEFTY Award

Each year a perpetual trophy creatively carved from Tasmanian huon pine by Vic Sedunary is presented to the street orienteer who completes the most Park and Street Orienteering events in a Street-O year (start of Summer fixture to the end of Spring fixture). Eligible events are those listed in the official OV Park & Street Orienteering fixture except Sunday events.

This award is titled The M.E.F.T.Y. Award (The Most Events For The Year). Previous winners are honored below:



M.E.F.T.Y. Award Winner

 Peter Kempster80
2001 Peter Kempster91
2002 Geoff Hudson95
2003 Judy Hopkins    
2004 Reg Saunders111
2005 Mike Hubbert116
2006 Ken O'Brien118
2007 Mike Hubbert109
2008 Ken O'Brien121
2009 Ken O'Brien138
2010 Josie Yeatman136
2011 Josie Yeatman147
2012 Noel McVey146
2013 Noel McVey135
2014 Debbie Dodd144
2015 Steve O'Connell162
2016 Debbie Dodd135


The 2016 MEFTY winner is DEBBIE DODD. Debbie attended 135 events during the Street-O year (start of 2015 Summer season to end of 2016 Spring season) and is now a dual winner of the trophy having previously won in 2014. Peter Yeates (131 events), the 2015 runner-up and Dale Howe (131events) were this year's runners-up.

Sixteen (21 in 2014, 22 in 2015) orienteers attended 100 or more events and seventy seven (88 in 2014, 86 in 2015) orienteers participated in 50 or more events for the year.

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