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Welcome to the Monday Series - Park and Street orienteering in Melbourne's south in summer and Monday 37s in winter.

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Waverley Woods

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The first official event of the Monday Autumn series was held in very summer like conditions. With only two weeks until we bid farewell to daylight savings, it was a good opportunity to enjoy an event with visibility before we plunge into darkness and torchlight.  A new start location in the north meant some of us were on streets we'd never visited before. Course setter Ilze set us a real puzzler, and we soon got back into the swing of aiming for targets (multiples of 4 points), with its associated decision making - will I aim for 4 more points and take the risk, or will I play it safe?  The Target format certainly pushes you to go harder, and offers a different kind of exercise for your brain - definitely well worth a try. It's very flexible as you adjust your aim as you go, rather than pre-setting your objective. If you are looking for something new, why not give it a go?

No-one was able to achieve the full 9 targets (36 points), but 3 runners managed 8 targets - Chris, Lauris and Josie. On the PW course, Phil managed 7 targets (28 points), with Helen and Ros on 6 apiece. On the Score course, four runners had a perfect score of 100 - Steven, Ian, Ron and Bruce; Dave topped the PW results with 74 points, ahead of Michael and Gary.

The next event is at Kangaroo Very Flat in Murrumbeena.  Season tickets will be on sale.  We also have a couple of course setting vacancies, so check the signup sheet.
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Monday Night Series

About this series:

Where: Southern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne

When: 7:00pm Mondays; all year round

Cost:  $5 per event for adults, $2 for juniors (under 21)

What to bring: jogging/walking shoes and comfortable, light coloured clothing.  Bring a watch, a drink, and a torch for winter events (late March-mid October).

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early. This will provide time to help you register for the event and explain how to take part.

Groups (schools, scouts, sports or social) are extremely welcome, but please contact us at least a week prior to the event so we can ensure enough maps are printed. 

In summer (October-March), there are 4 runners courses ranging from 3.5-10 km, and a 60 minute power walkers' course.  For runners the format is Scatter (visit a designated number of controls in any order, first back wins), and for power walkers the format is Score format (visit as many controls as you can in the allocated time).

Enquiries: tel 0409 959 673 (Annie)

In winter (March-October), there are 25 controls marked on the map.  Choose one of two formats - a 60 minute Score course (visit as many controls as you can in the allocated time, aiming to score as many points as possible), or a "Target" course, where you aim to achieve a target score between 4 and 36 points.

Enquiries: 0409 135 020 (Debbie)

To find out more about Park and Street Orienteering, click here, or contact us.