Tuesday Western Series

Welcome to the Tuesday Western Series - Park and Street orienteering in Melbourne's west.

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Royal Park

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Royal Park - where east meets west!  The lure of quiet roads, a western map verging on the east side of town, a beautiful summer evening, and a huge swathe of parkland bordered by a complex network of streets and lanes, drew a number of eastern  based orienteers to join the western series regulars.  Fredrik's course was quite compact, and very tricky.  We easterners had to remember that there are three extra controls - I for one miscounted and went extra distance to get a control that I didn't actually need, causing me to drop one very close to the finish.

The A course required 21 of 23 controls, and Ron did it quickest, followed by Shane, then Stephen.  On B course, arch rivals Steven and Ian faced off again, with Steven taking victory after Ian miscounted and had to run an extra 400m to make up his quota of 17.  C course, with 13 controls, was won by Ray, ahead of Andrew and Helen.  Judi was first back on D course, then Bill, Brooke, and Sheila.  With over 50 competitors, the power walking competition was fierce! Len and Michael both scored 75 points,  though they tackled it differently. ian and Slyvia scored 65 points apiece, ahead of a cluster of people on 62 or 61 points.

With only one week remaining in the first series of 10 events, why not get yourself to North Melbourne next Tuesday?  And don't forget the popular Surf Coast Series starts this Saturday Jan 2 at Queenscliff (note dates in printed fixture are incorrect, website is correct).
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Roads and parking Saturday Series April 2nd event at Cairnlea. Wednesday, 30 March 2016 The Furlong Road level crossing is closed and if using the Ring Road the suggested exit is to Ballarat Rd and thence Cairnlea Drive to the Furlong Rd event area. Parking suggested is in Ken Jordan Rd north of the Soccer Club car park.
Corrected directions to Western Series March 22nd event at McIvor Reserve. Saturday, 19 March 2016 The location directions in Coming Events and the printed Autumn Program are not strictly correct and should be as was printed in the Summer Series program.
End of Sunset Series Dinner at Footscray-Yarraville Bowling Club March 22nd Tuesday, 15 March 2016 The Western Sunset Series finishes with the Whitten Oval event on March15th. The Presentation Dinner will be at The Footscray-Yarraville Bowling Club after the event on March 22nd.
Royal Park Thursday, 31 December 2015
Clifton Park Sunday, 25 October 2015



Tuesday Western Series

About this series:

Welcome to the Tuesday Western Series - Park and Street orienteering in Melbourne's west.

Where: Western suburbs of Melbourne

When: 7:00pm Tuesdays.

Cost:  $5 per event for adults, $2 for juniors/students

The Western Series offers a diverse and arguably unique range of venues, from the elegance of Albert Park, Essendon and Williamstown right through to the vibrant newer suburbs in the outer west.It embraces the charming inner suburbs such as the old towns of Newport and Footscray. Many events border the water's edge, the Maribyrnong and Yarra River, and the Bay at Port Melbourne.

Park and Street Orienteering offers an excellent opportunity for discovering all of these places.

Many of the river valleys can be surprisingly steep and might require more thoughtful route choices. But generally, Melbourne's West embraces comparatively flat terrain.

Most of the inner suburb maps include a suburban train line to be negotiated, whether it be boom gates, road bridge, pedestrian bridge or subway. It all adds to the satisfying challenge of the route choices.

All Park and Street Orienteering events welcome people of all abilities and ages. There are a range of courses that accommodate both the elite sports person right through to people who are just looking for a good walk to help stay in shape.

Family and friends can participate in groups or individually.

The Western Series operates in twilight during the Daylight Saving months and also operates an extremely popular Autumn night series.

You will always find friendly and helpful people to assist you have an enjoyable experience. Your feedback is always welcome.

If you have any questions, please Email or telephone Ken on 93375417 or John and Jenny Sheahan on 9397 3493.

To find out more about Park and Street Orienteering, click here, or contact us.