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When: 7:00pm Thursdays in summer.

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Can’t See the Tree’s from the Woods

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Geelong Street-O   -   Can’t See the Tree’s from the Woods

The Bayside Bliss event last Thursday encompassed one of the most picturesque areas of Geelong. The elevated Eastern Park gives tremendous views of Corio Bay. The painted bollards strewn along the waterside paths are renowned. The expanding bat colony roosting in the trees at the north-east section of the park are spectacular to see.

There are many other less well known features – who tasted the spring water from the hand pumped tap on the foreshore ?? (Heather L did !!) Who stopped to check out the site of lime kilns or the “Rhythm of Life” geoglyphs or take a breather on the limestone sofa seat sculpture ??

Much to enjoy and explore but for some the prospect of qualifying for the Street-O Championship assured that the focus was razor sharp and single-minded. The navigational challenge differed from most of our events with the need to find specific trees amongst many trees. Unfortunately an obstacle that I didn’t foresee was the erection of 100’s of metre’s of fencing on the foreshore in preparation for the weekends major triathlon.

Luke H returned from the adventure race in NZ to run a blinder in A grade. Mark C was next home, followed by Toby C and Ron T.

Sofie vG returned in one piece from her skiing holiday to have a strong run in B grade and 1st placing, followed by Ken W.

Melissa B hasn’t been away racing or holidaying but that didn’t stop her having a great run to be a clear winner in C grade. Next home were mates Damian W and Paul vdV, then regular front runner Stuart McW.

Heather L enjoyed her walk in D grade as did latecomers Jeanette and Teresa B.

Michael H was a little disappointed in his efforts in the walking but he need not have been as his 64 points assured that he continued his winning ways. The gap to the field was narrower this week, with 4 participants finishing on 60 pts. Of these John Y was ahead of the pairing of Carmel B and Lynda McM, while those 30 seconds late home cost Linden Y a higher placing.

The small group of scouts attending Street-O for the 1st time enjoyed their walk in the park.

We now have 2 events remaining in the series. We’ve nominated this week’s event as this series “King of the Mountain” event. All participants will be competing for those coveted polka-dot coffee mugs.
What more incentive do you need to come along and stretch the legs ?!?!

I’m still working through which participants will represent the Geelong series at the Championships next week. Stay posted.  

This week’s event will be at Queens Park (at the picnic pavilion next to the playground), Highton on Thursday 16th Feb with the usual 7pm start.


Alan Cooke

0427 777 061


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Geelong Series

About this series:

Welcome to the Thursday Geelong Series - Park and Street orienteering in the Geelong area.

Where: Geelong

When: 7:00pm Thursdays from November to February.

Cost:  $5 per event for adults, $2 for juniors/students

The Geelong Series offers a great range of venues which are growing every year.

Park and Street Orienteering offers an excellent opportunity for discovering all of these places.

All Park and Street Orienteering events welcome people of all ages and abilities. There are a range of courses that accommodate both the elite sports person right through to people who are just looking for a good walk to help stay in shape.

Families and friends can participate in groups or individually.

The Geelong Series operates in twilight during the Daylight Saving months.

You will always find friendly and helpful people to assist you have an enjoyable experience. Your feedback is always welcome.

Printed programs covering our Geelong events as well as Melbourne and other regional Park and Street Orienteering events are available at the events. And of course much information is available on this website.

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